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--- The Cheeze Band ---
Providing background music for barroom brawls since 1981

In Memoriam: Mike Holda  - The man, his music and art

Snoop Dogg says: "The Cheeze Band is the shiznit fo' shizzle. Know what I'm sayin'?"

[Cheeze standing tall]

"Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid."
- Frank Zappa

Back from their enormously successful "Fromunda" tour
of the Australian Outback, ladies and gentleman,
The Cheeze Band!

[Live Cheeze Band]
Here is the world famous Cheeze Band, performing at the
Chicago Blues Festival. Well actually, behind Stumpy's Rib
Shack near the dumpster.

[Dancing at Michaels]
Cmdr. Bill, guiding his Lost Cheeze Airmen through another dance number.

[Live at Michaels]
The incomparable Southside Spike Jones and his Special 20 harp.

[The bottom line]
Another day at the office...

[Jammin' at Morts]
Mirror, mirror on the ball...

On any given day, you have the opportunity to be the best garage band in the world.
- Keith Richards

Let's introduce the band:

The Wall of Strats:

[Medicine Man says, Bill be well!] [Mr.Bill] Alfonzo Glecko - Master of Ceremonies
AKA Uncle Bill, Billy the Noodle.
Guitar, Vocals, Soldering iron.
"What's with those clowns? I mean really. The green hair + face paint?"
"Just me and the pigmy pony, over by the dental floss bush."
"Till I dropped a nut, I considered the Hammond B3 a portable instrument...."

[Mr.Rick] Rick Dirt - AKA Zemo, M.G. Healy.  THE voice of Rock 'n Roll.
Guitar, Vocals, Sunglasses.
"Gee, this new mic cable works great!"
"Luuuucy, you got some 'splaining to dooooo."
"Should I grow my Mullet back and play Skynard songs again?"

Ricky's Indie Music Page  M.G. Healy's 'other' band.

[Mr.Jones] Spike Jones - King of the World,  AKA Blind Melon Jones
Guitar, Vocals, Cohiba, Harp.
"Rick, did you steal my mic cable?"
"Hound Dog, did you book us on the chitlin' circuit again?"

The Engine Room:

[Mr.Woodman] Les Moore - Formally of the BarKing Spiders
Bass Fishing.
"Well this was a guitar, someone stole the other two strings."
"Remember - This ain't art, it's Rockin' Roll!"

[Den] Den-X - AKA Kenny Dewit
Drums, Various Banging
"So this band isn't based out of Wisconsin?"
"I'm very happy that the rhythm section of this band doesn't have their equipment in hock."
"They actually sell beer in stores?"

And introducing the "sixth" member of the Cheeze Band:

[Mr.Taylor] Hound Dog Taylor
Manager of Cheeze Band affairs.
"Yeah, I get the boys gigs an' always demand the clubs take down the chicken wire."

[Tour Bus] Cheeze Band Tour Bus
The Cheeze Band tour bus parked outside CBGB's in NYC.
We purchased this bus to replace the yellow "Cheeze 1" bus we sold to the Patridge Family, which they promptly ruined with a bad paint job.

See us live!

We are a central Connecticut band and will be playing at a club near you.

[Monkey Man]
You boys havin' a hard time keepin' gigs?  Well you just let Mr. Pickles take care of everything.  I'm the best there is.   I've got this great zoo gig in the works, you'll be opening up for the Dung Brothers... That Hound Dog Taylor is on his way out!

Listings for 2006:
New drummer, new rules to break!

Angel Ride CT - At The Mystic YMCA , 8 Harry Austin Drive Mystic, CT.
Sunday May 28th
The Cheeze Band Will be starting around 12 noon, greeting the riders for this great cause benefiting The Hole In The Wall Gang Camp in Ashford.

Link to Angel Ride

6th Annual MS Motorcycle Ride.
Sunday, July 23rd
11 am Start at TSI Harley in Ellington, 40-mile ride to the Hebron Fairgrounds with live music (Cheeze Band of course!), raffles, vendor booths, barbecue and more.
Admission: Spectators $10 donation.
Walk ins at the Hebron Fairgrounds welcome!

Stryker's Cafe, 841 Wilbur Cross Hwy (Berlin Trpk, across the street from Mickey Finn's) Berlin, CT.
Friday, August 25th
Let's PARTY!

Directions to Stryker's

Murdercycles Christmas Party, Orange Hall Underground, 72 East Center St., Manchester CT
Friday, Dec 8th, 7p.m. - midnight
15$ per person, $20 per couple
Food, Booze 'n Bikes
What were you expecting, Santa Clause?

Thank you for supporting live music!

E-mail: The Cheeze Band

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In Memoriam: Mike Holda  - The man, his music and art

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[Spunky, our lovable mascot]
Spunky says, "Put down that TV remote and check out some tunes!"

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